How would you like to earn $1000 just for referring a property

   Buy My House Boston AREIA wants to pay you for bringing us qualified properties in the MA, NH and RI!

I know you are thinking that you would love to make an extra $1000.  Who wouldn’t want to make an extra $1000 here and there?  Multiple streams of income are important in today’s economy.  So, Buy My House Boston AREIA has set up a referral program for those of you out their who like to earn extra money.  You see that house in the picture above?  We are looking for houses like that.  Or, if you are talking to a friend who is upside down in their mortgage and are looking for a way out.  Or, if you have a friend who’s was willed a house and they have no clue what to do with it.  Send us information on the property, preferably with the owner’s contact information and with permission to call them.  When we close on the property we will pay you $1000.  

We run the Boston Area Real Estate Investors Association and we had a panel discussion at our meeting last Thursday night.  They suggested to the best way to get people to refer properties that need to be sold that are run down, in need of rehab, or the owner is under water is to pay the people who are referring the deals.  Now, we’ve always done that.  We’ve been going strong for close to a decade and we’ve always paid people a consulting fee to find houses for us.  But, we’ve never written a blog about it.  Networking has always been our main focus when letting people know we will pay them.  But, in this electronic, Facebook focused world that we live in, we figured it’s best to let people know.  I mean everyone needs to make money in this economy, right?

To learn more about the program and/or to submit a property, contact us.  To learn more about who we are, visit or visit our investors page at Boston AREIA.  We look forward to hearing from you…

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