Selling your house to an investor vs listing with an agent

Do you ever ask yourself that question?

Traditionally when people think of selling their home, they think of listing with an agent.  That can be a good option depending on your situation, what your goals are with the sale.  It also depends on the condition of the property and whether or not you are in a distressed situation.  

If your home is in great condition, doesn’t really require rehabbing to get it ready for market, the mortgage is in good order and you are not upside down, then listing with an agent is a great option!  In fact contact us and we can help with that.  

However, if you don’t fall into that category, working with an investor may be your best option.  First of all, I wan’t to make sure that if you are in a distressed situation, know that you are not alone.  The lending laws have been crazy since 2009.  Many people got into bad situations because of the lending laws.  Also, there is just life that happens.  People lose their jobs and they are unable to pay their bills and they are upside down and may need to do a shortsale situation and they don’t have a clue what to do.  Or maybe, you are in a probate situation where a property was awarded to you, it’s in disrepair, you don’t have the money to rehab it, it’s full of stuff and you don’t know what to do.  We’ve met people in all of those situations and helped all of them.  So, first, know you are not alone and know that we can help.  

Now, when you work with an agent, you may get a little more money for the property.  But, then you have to pay broker commissions.  You are also going to be responsible for cleaning up the property and getting the stuff out.  If if needs rehabbing in order to qualify for a mortgage, the only people who will purchase are investors because they are cash buyers and don’t use traditional banks.  

We have many investors at Boston AREIA (Boston Area Real Estate Investors Association) who invest everywhere from Derry, NH to Medford, MA, Boston, MA, Somerville, MA, Framingham, MA , southern MA like Raynham and then even going west into Worcester and beyond.  And, we are skilled in every area of investing, rehabbing, shortsales, probate sitations and more.

When you work with an investor, we are cash buyers, so we can close quickly.  We don’t care how ugly the property is or how much junk is in it.  We will take care of that for you.  You get your sentimental, personal items out and we take care fo the junk.  We have teams of people who know how to work with the banks in shortsale situations and collectively we have hundreds of years experience helping home owners get out of distressed situations.  Do, we make money?  Of course we do, just like an agent or a broker.  We have to put food in our kids mouth as well.  But, we are looking to create win-win situations.  Win for the home seller because they are getting out of one situations so they can move on with their lives and win for us when we rehab and sell the property for a profit.  

The key when you are figuring out what to do, is to go with a team who has all of your bases covered.  At Buy My House Boston AREIA we have all your bases covered.  Our team includes agents to sell your home traditionally if that’s your best option, we have short sale teams who are experts at negotiating with the bank, we have rehab experts who are skilled at managing projects, we have legal teams to help wade through title issues or concerns, we even have financial and credit repair experts who can help people get back on their feet and we have your best interest at heart!  We will help you determine the best course of action based on your situation and your goals.  For more information, be sure to contact us today!

All the best, Bernadette Trafton

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